There are so many in nature types of truffles: in fact, more than 60 have been counted. However, the edible ones are only 9, and among these are 6 the species that are usually available on the market.

The truffle is a food versatile is delicious, with a strong flavor, able to embellish numerous dishes. Let’s find out which are the main truffles, bearing in mind that it is always better to get those fresh to create genuine and tasty gastronomic creations. For example ours shop provides a large selection of fresh truffles, from White Truffle up to Black Truffle!

The White Truffle

Let’s start with the White truffle , whose scientific name is Tuber Magnatum Pico. A true emblem of refinement and goodness: this mushroom has extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, and is very rare. Its surface is velvety , the color is between yellow and whitish.

types of truffles

One of the reasons why the White Truffle is so loved by connoisseurs is his aroma, reminiscent of that of aged cheese. This delicacy is typical of Piedmont and in the area of Acqualagna , and it is no coincidence that it is also known as the White Truffle of Acqualagna.

With the Tuber Magnatum Pico Yes they can enrich various dishes, including:

  • noodles;
  • main courses of meat or fish;
  • artisanal focaccia;
  • eggs cooked in different ways.

The Black Truffle

The Black truffle, or Tuber Melanosporum, in turn ranks among the most popular types of truffles. In principle, for his value it is considered second only to the Precious White Truffle.

This species, on the outside, appears very irregular; the coating is dark with small warts. The internal shades, on the other hand, are reddish or tending to purple.

The Black Truffle has a delicate scent and harmonious, sometimes sweet. The major collection areas are Piedmont, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo. The Tuber Melanosporum is great with i risotto , with meat carpaccio and sea bream baked in foil.

The Burgundy Truffle

The Burgundy Truffle it is also known as Scorzone Winter or Tuber Uncinatum . The peridium is almost black, the pulp is between light brown and hazelnut.

The smell of this truffle is a distinctive element: it is intense and marked, from the strong personality. The Tuber Uncinatum is much appreciated in the appetizers, in the company of light cheeses, and in dishes based on turkey or beef. One of the best solutions for those who want a top class truffle but not prohibitive in terms of costs.

The Summer Truffle

Let’s move on to Summer Truffle: Tuber Aestivum, also said Scorzone for its similarities with the Burgundy truffle.

This truffle is black, and could be confused (by inexperienced eyes) with the Tuber Melanosporum. Unlike the latter, however, the Estate is one of the most truffles cheap, even if this does not detract from its value.

The Summer Truffle is used both for the most sophisticated preparations, as well as for rustic and sausages. Has a very balanced scent, a dark exterior and a yellow-ocher pulp. Its notes evoke woods is forests, a perfect context to savor this truffle – which you can find in ours catalog, as well as all the others described.

The Spring White Truffle

The Spring White Truffle or Bianchetto truffle it is different from the White Truffle: its scientific denomination is Tuber borchii Vitt. , and another term by which it is indicated is Marzuolo .

This variety can be purchased at a significantly lower price than the Tuber Magnatum Pico, since it is much more widespread in nature. The Marzuolo is globular, smooth, of light shades; is excellent with foods how:

  • the gnocchi;
  • raw seafood;
  • the cappelletti;
  • the ravioli.

The flavor it becomes more decisive as it approaches maturation. In the end, the Bianchetto Truffle almost smells like garlic.

The Moscato Truffle

We end our review with the Moscato truffle, Tuber Brumale or Black Trifola. A characteristic mushroom of Piedmont, Abruzzo, Marche, Tuscany and Molise, practically black on the outside and brownish on the inside.

This is one of those truffles that should be consumed cooked. It is very versatile, recommended both for appetizers and for first and second courses. The scent refers to the nutmeg, which is why it is so called, et al undergrowth.

The Moscato Truffle is not among the most famous, but it is an ally of all passionate about good food. It is also often used to enhance pizzas, wraps and savory pies.

Truffles are ideal for enriching many dishes, and are also available in gift package. Take a look at the our e-commerce to learn more, and to learn more about all types!

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