White truffle

A complete guide to this fantastic product of nature, of absolute value


The scientific name is Tuber Magnatum Pico, but we all know it as a prized white truffle: we are talking about the truffle par excellence, with an extraordinary commercial value.


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Tuber Magnatum Pico

The characteristics of the white truffle

It is the most difficult species to find, and therefore the most sought after, as well as the most valuable. Its peculiarity is represented by the wild nature: this, in fact, is the only species of truffle that until now it has not been possible to cultivate in the truffle ground. It is easy to understand why it is the species of fresh truffle with the highest quotation on the market, right?

Its price depends not only on the availability, but also on the quality during the harvest period: just like any other species of fresh truffle that is on the market.

The prized white truffle that is harvested in our region boasts an exceptionally intense aroma and perfume, the result of the chemical composition of the soil in which it is born and grows. The peridium, that is the external surface, is smooth and globular, with a color between pale ocher and creamy yellow; it is compact and velvety. The gleba, that is the internal part, has a color between intense pink and brown, with white streaks.

Its scent is pleasantly aromatic.

White truffle

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How is it preserved?

The most effective method to preserve the prized white truffle is to wrap it in paper and then put it inside an airtight container and put it in the fridge. The paper must be replaced every day: in this way there is no risk of mold forming which could cause the truffle to rot. Preserved in this way, the truffle lasts for a week, preserving its freshness. For a longer life, it is best to wash it only before consumption.

How it cleans up

To clean the prized white truffle just keep it for about ten minutes in cold water and clean it with a toothbrush or brush, in the most delicate way possible, under running water. Therefore, it must be dried with a cloth.

How to cook

In the culinary field, the prized white truffle lends itself to many preparations: with eggs, for first courses, on croutons. It invariably gives any dish a touch of goodness and elegance!

White truffle risotto


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truffle dog in the woods

How the white truffle is harvested

To search for truffles we use the collaboration of dogs: they are trained in a playful way, and receive a prize – in the form of food – from the owner as a reward for having found the truffles.

Truffle hunters are in dire need of the support of their 4-legged friends. When the dog finds the point where the truffle is hidden, he digs deeply with his paws: at this point the owner uses the characteristic spade to pull out the truffle, trying to be delicate to avoid breaking it.

In this phase, it is very important not to break the roots that have made possible the hypogeal growth up to that moment: in this way, in fact, those roots will be able to allow the appearance of another truffle.

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Useful information

Where and how the White Truffle grows

Type of terrain

White truffle

The white truffle is very demanding from the point of view of the composition of the soil, which must be quite fertile and loamy, with an adequate balance between sand and clay. Altitude is also decisive, since this truffle hardly forms above 600 or 700 meters. The invasion woods are the ideal habitats, as well as areas cultivated in the past and then abandoned to themselves in which it has not yet reached a level of full space filling.


truffle altitude

The white truffle can grow in aerated, drained but somewhat humid soils, at a pH between 7 and 8.5. The best soils are along the ditches or in the valley bottoms, basically below 700 meters above sea level. They must not be too sunny or too inclined. The white truffle does not grow in siliceous or sandy soils, but in those of slope or landslide, sedimentary and alluvial, poor in humus.

Seasonal period

Wood of the Abruzzo Apennines

The white truffle harvest takes place between October and January.

Symbiotic tree species

Roccaraso truffle

The white truffle grows in symbiosis with poplars, willows, oaks and lime trees. The most frequent symbiotic relationship in our region is that with oaks.

Dogs and equipment

truffle hunter

Purebred dogs such as cocker spaniels, bracchi, pointers and romagnoli lagottos boast a remarkable nose, to the point of being able to smell truffles already from the surface of the land.

Collection areas

black truffle

The white truffle is collected in ditches, along drains and in wooded environments, but also in lands that have suffered landslides.

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Average price of the white truffle

The white truffle is sold at a price that changes according to the seasons, or even from week to week. It is the availability of truffles in nature that determines the market value, which obviously also depends on the quality of the product and the demand of consumers.
The price is destined to increase in the event that the availability of truffles is reduced and the demand is high; it falls, on the other hand, if consistent quantities are found and the demand on the market is contained. This is why the fresh truffle does not have a fixed price.

Our point of sale

Our family has been involved for generations in the cultivation and harvesting of truffles found in the woods of the Sangro valley, in an uncontaminated natural context. The philosophy of environmental sustainability is the basis of ours modus operandi : we not only sell fresh truffles, but we are also committed to the preparation of typical specialties, sauces and preserves, thanks to the long experience we have gained over the years. To let everyone know the excellence of Italianness and our nature. We are waiting for you in Roccaraso in Abruzzo.

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