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Some authors consider the hooked truffle a variety of the summer truffle. In fact, the two products are very similar, but what changes is the period in which the hook is harvested. Furthermore, it has a more intense scent, which derives from the fact that it is born and grows in more humid and fresher environments.


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Tuber Uncinatum Chatin

The characteristics of the hooked truffle

The name Tuber Uncinatum Chatin derives from Chatin, mycologist, botanist and writer who in 1887 described the characteristics of this truffle for the first time and classified its species. But why is it called hooked? It all depends on the conformation of its spores, which seen under the microscope show a hook-like appearance. As in the case of any other species of fresh truffle available on the market, even for the hooked truffle the price depends on the quality and availability in the harvest season.

The external surface, that is the gleba, is characterized by a wrinkled consistency and a very intense black color. Conversely, the inside has a hazelnut tone close to chocolate, with lighter branches and streaks.

Compared with the smell of the summer truffle, that of the hooked truffle is more intense.

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How is it preserved?

If you want to preserve the hooked truffle in an optimal way, put it in a piece of kitchen paper and then leave it in the fridge in a container. Do not forget to replace the kitchen paper every day: so you can be sure that no mold can form that can cause the product to rot. If you keep it respecting these indications, the hooked truffle lasts in the fridge for a week, always remaining fresh. Do not wash it before putting it in the fridge, but only clean it before using it.

How it cleans up

To clean the hooked truffle, leave it to soak for about ten minutes in cold water; then put it under running water and clean it with a toothbrush or brush. Finally, use a dry cloth to dry it.

How to cook

There are many dishes that can be flavored with hooked truffles: fish, eggs and croutons, but also first and second courses.


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How it is collected

The search for the hooked truffle takes place thanks to the precious collaboration of the dogs, who are trained for this task through play: every time they find a truffle they receive food as a reward and reward for the work they have done.

After the dog has identified the point where the truffle is hidden, it begins to move the earth with its paws, before the owner intervenes: he uses a special spade to remove the truffle from the ground trying not to damage it.

In this phase, in particular, it is important to avoid breaking the roots thanks to which the truffle has grown under the ground up to that moment.

Thus, the roots can later give rise to other truffles.

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Useful information

Where and how the Uncinato truffle grows

Type of terrain

The hooked truffle prefers calcareous soils which are characterized by an optimal balance of clay, sand and silt. Instead, it suffers from humidity: this is why it grows in soils that do not cause water stagnation as they are highly permeable.


The hooked truffle is found between 700 and 1,200 meters above sea level.

Seasonal period

Harvesting takes place in autumn and winter, between October and March.

Symbiotic tree species

Oak, beech and downy oaks are the tree species with which the hooked truffle has a symbiotic relationship.

Dogs and equipment

Bracchi, pointers, lagotti romagnoli and cocker spaniels are the purebred dogs that are used for the collection. They have a highly developed nose and are able to smell truffles from the surface of the soil.

Collection areas

The hooked truffle is found mainly in high mountain forests.

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Average price of the hooked truffle

Depending on the season, the price at which fresh truffles are sold is bound to change; but in reality there are variations even from one week to another.

Among the aspects that affect the market value there is, without a doubt, the demand from consumers; moreover, the price is also determined by the availability of the truffle in nature and its quality.

In short, a fixed price cannot be defined a priori for fresh truffles. The price increases when truffles are found in modest quantities and the demand is high; but if, on the other hand, more abundant quantities are collected and the market demand is not so high, it is inevitable that the price will fall.

Who we are

Our family has been involved in this sector for several generations, dealing not only with the cultivation and harvesting of truffles, but also with their treatment. The products come from the Sangro valley, in particular from Roccaraso, a natural context rich in uncontaminated woods. We are firm supporters of environmental sustainability, and at the same time we promote the zero km philosophy. These are the foundations on which we are born to make the best of Italian excellence and our nature known to the rest of the world.

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