Summer truffle

A complete guide to this amazing and amazing product of nature


It is the easiest fresh truffle species to find, because it is more abundant, and therefore of lesser value. With a long harvest period, the summer truffle is the most widespread not only in Europe, but also in the rest of the world.


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Tuber Aestivum Vitt.


The characteristics of the summer truffle were described for the first time in 1831 by Carlo Vittadini, mycologist, botanist and writer who classified this species. The summer truffle is called Tuber Aestivum Vitt. Precisely in honor of its discoverer, as well as for the period in which it is collected. As with any other species of fresh truffle that can be found for sale, also in this case the price depends on the quality and availability during the harvesting period.

The external surface is easily recognizable, both for the black color and for the particularly evident polygonal warts. The gleba, that is the internal part, has a hazelnut color, with white veins.

The smell of the summer truffle evokes that of mushrooms, pleasant and not too intense.

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How is it preserved?

The most effective way to preserve the summer truffle is to line it with kitchen paper and then place it in a container that will be placed in the fridge. Remember to change the paper every day: in this way, you will not run the risk that the truffle can rot due to molds. Preserved in this way, the truffle stays fresh for 6 or 7 days. Wash it only when you need to consume it: so it will keep better.

How it cleans up

To clean the summer truffle, soak it in cold water for about ten minutes. After that, use a toothbrush or brush to clean it under running water, always gently, and use a dry cloth to dry it.

How to cook

There are many possible preparations for the summer truffle, which is able to enhance fish dishes and eggs, but can also be used for first courses or simply on croutons. To prevent its aroma from being lost, heat it slightly or eat it raw.


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How it is collected

At one time the summer truffle was sought with the help of pigs, animals that proved to be very useful in this task. However, the pigs had the defect of eating the truffles they found, and so they ended up damaging them: this is why their place was taken by the dogs.

The training of truffle dogs takes place in the form of a game, with the owner always giving a prize, as a reward, in the form of food. Thus the animals are motivated to find truffles, providing a precious help without which the search would be much more complicated and definitely less profitable. After the dog has found the place where the truffle is present, with his paws he begins to dig deep. At this point the owner extracts the truffle from the ground: he does it with the greatest possible delicacy and using a special spade. It is important that the truffle does not break and that the roots that have allowed its growth underground do not break: so those roots can later give rise to other truffles.

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Useful information

Where and how the Summer Truffle grows

Type of terrain

Also known as the scorzone, the summer truffle can be born and grow in many different terrains, even with different geological origins. In fact, its growth range is decidedly wide: it includes, among other things, Italy, Russia, the Baltic countries and Spain, but also countries further south such as Turkey and various locations in North Africa.


The summer truffle is born in various environments: this is why it can be found at altitudes ranging from a minimum of 100 meters to a maximum of 1,200 meters above sea level.

Seasonal period

The summer truffle harvesting period is between May and September.

Symbiotic tree species

The hornbeam, the holm oak and the hazel are some of the tree species with which the truffle has a symbotic relationship; but the same happens also with oaks and downy oaks.

Dogs and equipment

To find the summer truffle you need dogs that can boast a highly developed nose, to the point of being able to smell the truffle already from the surface of the ground. This is why purebred dogs are preferred, including the cocker spaniel, the bracco, the pointer and the lagotto romagnolo.

Collection areas

The summer truffle is born in beech woods, oak woods and invasion woods.

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Average price of the summer truffle

There is no absolute quotation for fresh summer truffles, the selling price of which changes not only according to the seasons, but even from one week to the next.

There are many factors that determine the market value: not only the quality of the product, but also the demand of consumers and the availability of truffles.

Who we are

Our family has been involved for generations in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of truffles that come from Roccaraso and its uncontaminated woods. Our modus operandi is based on the philosophy of sustainability and zero km.