Precious black truffle

A complete guide to this fairytale nature product


The black truffle is considered the most valuable among the black truffles. It can be grown in truffle grounds, and in fact this is a very common practice.


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Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.

The characteristics of the prized black truffle

The species was classified for the first time by Carlo Vittadini (mycologist, botanist and writer) in 1831: it is for this reason that it is called Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.

The price of the prized black truffle changes depending on the quality and on how easy it is to find it in the harvest season, just like any other species of fresh truffle that is on the market.

The color of the external surface, that is the peridium, is black with red shades. The gleba, which is the internal part, has a brown and black color, with whitish branches and veins.

Even after it has been cooked, the prized black truffle tends to retain its aroma. Its smell is intense and pleasant.

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How is it preserved?

To preserve the precious black truffle in the best possible way, cover it with kitchen paper and put it in the fridge in a container. Remember, however, that the paper must be replaced at least once a day, or the truffle would risk rotting due to mold. If you follow these few simple rules, however, its freshness will last for at least a week. Wash the truffle immediately before consuming it, and not when you put it in the fridge: this way it will keep better.

How it cleans up

Do you want to know how to clean the precious black truffle? Nothing too complicated: put it in cold water and let it soak for about ten minutes. Then pass it under running water and clean it with the help of a toothbrush or brush, avoiding rubbing excessively. Finally, use a dry cloth to dry it.

How to cook

Like the other species of truffles, even the prized black truffle is ideal on fish and eggs, but also for croutons and many other first and second courses. This product is also called with the name of sweet black truffle, because of its sweetish aftertaste: that’s why you can try to combine it with various desserts, such as profitteroles and cheesecakes, but also tiramisu, chocolate cakes, fior di latte ice cream and cream ice cream.


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How it is collected

Once the prized black truffle was sought with pigs, which however often ate and damaged the tubers. Thus dogs began to be trained for this task.

Today the teaching of dogs used for research takes place in the form of a game, with the prize and the reward consisting of food given to the animal every time it finds a truffle. After finding out where a truffle is, the dog uses its paws to dig deep.

Then the owner extracts the tuber with the help of a spade. In this phase it is essential not to break the truffle and not even the roots that have allowed it to grow underground. Those same roots, in fact, will allow the growth of another truffle.

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Useful information

Where and how the Precious Black Truffle grows

Type of terrain

Are you curious to find out where the prized black truffle grows? This tuber needs a very porous and dry soil, permeable and sandy, with a lot of skeleton: for example the fields that in the past were used for arable land, but also those that were once olive groves or vineyards. The prized black truffle prefers soils rich in limestone, with copper, sulfur and iron. It is precisely the iron oxides that guarantee the delicate scent of the black truffle, as well as coloring the soil dark red.


On average, the prized black truffle is formed starting from 300 meters above sea level, up to a maximum of 1,000 meters.

Seasonal period

The prized black truffle is harvested in winter, between the months of November and March.

Symbiotic tree species

Holm oak, hazelnut, oak and downy oak are the tree species with which the prized black truffle has a symbiotic relationship.

Dogs and equipment

The lagotti romagnoli, the cocker spaniels, the bracchi and the pointers are all purebred dogs with a highly developed nose, and for this reason they are chosen for the search for truffles, which they are able to perceive the smell from the surface.

Collection areas

The most common harvesting areas are woodlands that were recently born and which were previously used for pastures or crops.

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Average price of the black truffle

There is no always valid price for the prized black truffle: its price, in fact, can vary from one season to another, or even from one week to another, based on consumer demand and, obviously, on the quantity of product. which is available on the market. Basically, when considerable quantities have been found and the demand on the market is contained, the price is bound to drop; it increases, on the other hand, if the demand increases, even more so if there are not many truffles available on the market.

Who we are

We have been growing fresh truffles and harvesting them by hand for generations. But that’s not all, because we also deal with the creation of typical culinary specialties, sauces and preserves: all according to a historical tradition, the result of the great experience we have gained over the years. When we sell fresh truffles, we focus on the zero km philosophy, because it is possible to show the whole world what Italian nature has to offer while remaining faithful to the principles of environmental sustainability. And now how about trying this fantastic tuber?

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