Who we are


For generations our family has been growing, collecting and processing truffles from the most pristine woods of the Sangro valley. We believe in the zero kilometer philosophy, environmental sustainability and the possibility of making the best of nature and Italianness known to the whole world.


Simona D'Abruzzo

Our history

Truffle hunters for generations …

The whole family grows and collects fresh truffles by hand: the woods around the Sangro river, between Abruzzo and Molise, have always been generous producers of this precious tuber to help us. We sell fresh truffles and prepare preserves, sauces and traditional specialties for a lifetime, using all the experience accumulated over years of work.

“Passion and craftsmanship have been with us for generations”
Simona D’Abruzzo

How we work

Artisan production

All our products are genuine and handcrafted: from the earth to our hands, to your table. We use simple, precious and quality raw materials, working without additives, preservatives and dyes.

All our products are safe due to the heat sterilization technique we have developed: we improve the durability of ready-made products and eliminate microorganisms that are potentially harmful to your health, without altering the taste, color, texture and properties of the truffle.

truffle dog in the woods
black truffle
Precious black truffle
truffles from Abruzzo
Summer truffles
Truffle dog looking
truffle ground roccaraso
summer truffle
La Spora product selection
truffle dog
Precious black truffle
Summer truffle jars
prized white truffle
ground truffle in jars
Summer truffle or scorzone
White truffle


What you can buy


Fresh truffles

Fresh, precious, genuine: directly from the earth to your plate. We collect numerous varieties of truffles at the right time of the year, to respect the rhythms and balances of the nature that surrounds us.


Preserved truffles

Would you like to enjoy truffles even out of season? Try our preserved truffles: without dyes or preservatives, we only use water, salt and oil to treat them.


Truffle specialties

Taste the best truffle specialties: from beers to liqueurs, from fresh pasta to risottos, from sausages to flavored jams.


Truffle sauces and dressings

A few minutes and voila: a perfect truffle dish is served. Try ready-made creams and dressings to enrich a first or second course of white meat.

Risotto and ready meals

Do you feel like risotto, fettuccine or polenta today? You will need no time: you just have to follow the simple cooking instructions on the packaging of our ready meals.

Products of the land at Km 0

To respect the territory we must know it thoroughly. And when we know it, we know how to enhance its capabilities. The truffle is born from the mastery of nature, which we limit ourselves to emphasizing and making known to the world.

The Roccaraso sales point

The family grows fresh truffles and picks them by hand in the natural scenery of the woods in Abruzzo and Molise. Generous woods to say the least, at least judging by the production of this very special tuber. Here you will find not only fresh truffles, but also traditional specialties, sauces and preserves based on this product, made with the long experience we have gained over the many years of work in this sector. Shipments are immediate and accurate in every detail: fresh truffles are packaged and sent inside a freshness box designed to ensure their perfect conservation. We pride ourselves on dedicating love and attention to our work and customer requests. Come and visit us in our store in Roccaraso!

Roccaraso truffle shop
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