Know recognize the prized black truffle , also known as Sweet black , it is important for all demanding palates who love this prestigious and refined ingredient. To be sure of finding a quality product, it is necessary to be aware of all the characteristics and prerogatives that distinguish the prized black truffle, which – just like all other varieties – is made up of an internal pulp and an external rind: the the first is called gleba, while the second has the name of peridium. To distinguish a prized black truffle, however, one must also know where this ingredient is formed.

The geographical origin

This type of truffle is harvested – indeed, to use the most correct terminology, it is quarried – in the period of time between November 15 and March 15: it is precisely for this reason that in most cases it is used for the preparation. of winter dishes.

black truffle

As far as our country is concerned, the precious black of the Umbrian and Marche Apennines, that of Molise and of the Abruzzo and, in the North, that of Piedmont. If you want to indulge in a short trip outside the national borders, however, one cannot fail to mention the Truffe du Périgord, which is the black truffle that is formed in the French region of Périgord.

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What you need to know to recognize the prized black truffle

The black truffle makes it one of the most used in the culinary field; its versatility is appreciated, which makes it an ingredient suitable for a great variety of preparations, but one cannot help but mention its peculiar scent.

This underground fungus loves soils that are rather exposed to the sun, permeable and with a calcareous composition. As for the symbiotic tree species, however, we should mention the black hornbeam, the lime tree and the downy oak, but also the turkey oak, the hazelnut and the holm oak.

How to understand if you are in the presence of a prized black truffle

And here we are at the analysis of the characteristics that it is necessary to take into consideration to understand if what we are facing is a quality truffle or not. First of all, the peridium must be wrinkled and, obviously, black in color, with many small and dark warts that contributed to the choice of the scientific name Melanosporum for this variety of truffle.

black truffle

As for the size , on the other hand, there is no standard and they can be of all types: there are precious black truffles as large as a potato and others that, instead , do not exceed the size of a hazelnut. In all cases, however, the scent is pleasant and rather delicate, never excessively intense. The shape is quite regular and rounded, while the gleba ranges from purplish to black, with clear thin veins that furrow it: veins that can become reddish in case of exposure to air.

Finally, to recognize the Melanosporum can not miss the test of taste. Well, its flavor is peculiar, not far from being sweet: this is the reason why we also speak of sweet truffles.

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The price of the prized black truffle

If the black truffle it is called that, it is easy to understand that its value on the market is not the most affordable: in fact we are talking about the most expensive of all black truffles, even if the dizzying prices of white truffles are not reached. As with any type of truffle, however, there is no standard price for the prized black, as its value changes according to numerous factors constantly, not only between one season and another but also during the same season. .

The variables that come into play from this point of view are many: first of all the market demand, but also the quantity of product that is collected in a certain period of time. Two other decisive aspects are, then, the quality and the size of specimens : those without defects cost more, and the same applies to larger sizes, obviously for the same weight.

How much is spent on the prized black truffle

In short, learn to recognize the Sweet black it is also important because the expense that must be incurred for its purchase is not to be underestimated: we are talking about a price that, more or less, is between a minimum of € 5,300 per kilo and a maximum of € 900.

As mentioned, however, if you are dealing with specimens of considerable size, the prices can increase, it being understood that from one season to another the variations can be substantial. To get an idea, just refer to the truffle bags.

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