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We have always made truffle-based products without preservatives, guaranteeing the final consumer the authentic taste of the best truffles. Our sauces, dressings and other delights are capable of transforming a simple meal into a divine feast.


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Who we are

The Spore

All our products are born in the richest land of Italy: the Apennines. Between the hills and the mountains, between Abruzzo and Molise, truffles thrive at the foot of centuries-old trees. We preserve an ancient knowledge and a tradition known since the Romans, to protect the biodiversity of nature.

Not just fresh!

Truffle preserves, sauces and dressings

Our truffle products are the ideal solution to embellish traditional recipes or to give personality to your aperitifs with friends.

Fresh Truffles

Fragrant, rare, precious: our truffles are the best that the skilful alchemy of soil, climate and vegetation can create. Precious black and white, scorzone, uncinato: you just have to choose your favorite variety, for creative or traditional combinations, but always of the best quality.

Preserved truffles

We only use pure water, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and high temperatures to preserve our truffles. By giving up dyes and preservatives, we preserve the natural and delicious aroma of these fruits of the earth, ready for use in your recipes.

Sauces and toppings

Experiment with new flavors and aromas with our ready-made sauces and toppings. Also in this case we only use genuine, zero-kilometer ingredients from our farm. Add a touch of fantasy to season a bruschetta, a creamy first course or enhance eggs and meats.

Risotto and ready meals

Are you short on time but don’t want to give up the flavor of the finest truffle? Try our risotto and our polenta. Just follow the simple cooking instructions to enjoy your dish, in a few minutes.

Truffle specialties

Not just raw on a plate of fresh pasta or on eggs: truffles are versatile in all savory dishes in the kitchen! The local mountain tradition has taught us how to flavor fresh and dry pasta, oils, meats and sausages, cheeses, liqueurs, jams, honey.

Products of the land at Km0

The choice of zero-kilometer products allows us to reduce harmful emissions due to transport and to make known the delicacy of a local product such as truffles throughout Italy.


Our customers say about us

"What a feast ..."

“I ordered 300g of fine black truffle, it arrived VERY FRESH and with a care in the packaging that I would define as“ loving ”.
Considerable size, not the usual "marbles" that are usually found around ...
In short, what to say: we had a feast of an excellent product, which accompanied the entire dinner and also the next day!
Thanks 1000, we will definitely repeat "

Luca G. - 03/01/2021

"Fresh and delicious"

“Fresh, delicious, instant shipping and well preserved, nice freshness box. I will continue to recommend them as great online sellers. "

Gianni G. - 09/14/2020


“Very fresh and excellent truffle, expedition with attention to detail. Highly recommended! "

Andrea P. - 12/22/2020

"Great price quality"

“Excellent company with an exceptional customer relationship but above all with affordable prices in this period of social and economic drama. 100% reliable thanks La Spora! "

Luigi B. - 11/16/2020

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